What?? Larry isnt a Winterlude mascot?

What?? Larry isn't a Winterlude mascot?

Idea #2 – Trivia night

When was the first Winterlude held? Who are the official mascots of the festival? And what’s the chorus of the Winterlude song?

Even the most seasoned trivia champs probably don’t know the answers to these questions. And instead of waiting until Winterlude starts to discover the answers, head on down to a trivia night at one of several local pubs to see if these queries arise.

Sundays and Wednesdays, various Royal Oaks hold their weekly trivia quiz nights. The Barley Mow down at Bank and Summerside hosts one Monday night – apparently throngs of young trivia upstarts make their way to this one on a regular basis.

And who knows – if you get good enough, your team could enter World Trivia Night and become true Trivia Champions!

(If you need to know the answers to the questions above right now, do a bit of research on the Winterlude site.)


What to do ‘til Winterlude?

December 27, 2008

During the warmer months Ottawa is infested with fests: Jazz Fest, Blues Fest, Fringe Fest, Tulip Fest. The cold seems to kill off both the city’s mosquito population and its revelry, at least until the aptly named Winterlude roles around in February. As a consequence, us poor Ottawans are left to entertain ourselves for most of the winter season. In order to help you out, Apartment 613 will post a number of suggestions for do-it-yourself fun until Winterlude begins or we get bored and run out of ideas.

A cup of Joe at the Wild Oat.
A cup of Joe at the Wild Oat.
Idea 1: Coffee Crawl
Grab a friend or a magazine and spend a couple of hours getting legally high by downing four or five espressos in a row, each at a different location. Better yet, bring a pen and paper and report back on your favourite spot to Apartment 613. Elgin and the Market have an excellent assortment of Coffee shops and bakeries in close proximity to each other, but my favourite route is Francesco’s, the Wild Oat, Nicastro’s, Bridgehead and Morola’s, all within three blocks of each other in the Glebe. There’s also a Starbucks, Second Cup, French Baker, and Timothy’s in the area, making the neighbourhood one of the most caffeinated place in the National Capital Region.