HOT Wine Buy at the LCBO

January 18, 2009

yellow-jerseyOften times folks scoff at how much wine costs us here at the LCBO – when south of the border you are paying about half for exactly the same product. This week however, the LCBO is offering a crazy deal on what I think is a decent wine.

Yellow Jersey wines, a Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are all going for a crazy low $5.95.

I recently bought out the supply at one LCBO, but judging from their website there are still a few bottles scattered across the city. I drank (not alone…) a couple bottles of the Pinot Noir on Friday while playing a rousing game of Puerto Rico and found that at the price point the wine was simple, easy-to-drink and matched well with the House of Georgie’s Pizza we also ordered.

Last night I had a bottle of the Chardonnay with a dinner of scallops and risotto and found it to be a bit tangy, but perfectly drinkable. It was nice and crisp and would go well with a variety of take-out options and I imagine would nicely cut the spice of a curry.

If you find some buy it.



In some odd irony, the Times Online has reported that Spam factories are working overtime to create enough product to feed the hungry Americans looking for ways to cut back on their food budgets. It’s not secret that in times of economic downturn that a greater percentage of our ever shrinking food budgets go towards “staples,” but is raises some concern to me that our society counts spam in this category.

I know that in many ways we have lost the art of cooking. When we all had high-paying jobs as investment brokers we got all the calories we needed from martinis and frozen burritos. When things get rough we just don’t know where to turn – hence oil crashes and we see a run on Spam

Not to fear! You can get one can of low sodium or hickory smoke spam for $2.75 (according to the store). Here are some *better* menu ideas that won’t cost you more than that…

1. Spaghetti – one can of tomatoes costs less than a dollar. You can make sauce by just cooking it for a few minutes with garlic and blending it. Seriously – anyone can do this.

2. Legumes – chick peas, beans, lentils all last a really long time and cost nearly nothing.

3. Eggs – omlettes or fried egg sandwiches are cheap easy and not just for breakfast.

4. Carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes or other root vegetables are good for tones of things, last a while and are dirt cheap.

5. Sandwiches – cucumber, slices of cheese, part of a tomato, whatever you like.

6. Soup – broth plus anything is soup, you can get a can of it for a dollar and add scraps from the fridge. If it’s still not good, blend it up and call it “bisque.”

7. Rice, Cous Cous or other grains – you can buy them in bulk and really put anything on them. Great for make-ahead lunch time meals too.

8. Tofu – it’s like the vegan spam without the salt, just season and serve!

9. Salad – even in the winter lettuce doesn’t get that pricey. It’s the classic health food.

10. Any of the above the second day – it’s probably cheaper to eat leftovers than anything else. You’re already cooking, make twice as much and eat for two days.

In this economic climate we all need our strength… eat well!