IKEA , originally uploaded by photomuppet.

Fans of cheap furniture will be pleased to learn that according to the Canwest News Service, IKEA has filed plans to the City of Ottawa to expand their Ottawa location, making it the largest in the country. The plan has apparently been in the works for five years. Perhaps they were just looking for the right little allen key to get started?

basiaIn her much anticipated return to the Black Sheep Inn last night, Basia Bulat lived up to my somewhat over-inflated expectations for the show and overshadowed my unending love of her first music video.

Bulat’s unique vocal is perfectly accompanied by a precise (and talented) violist, a creative piano/ accordion section and the guarded (yet fun) percussion of her brother. The newer songs she played (including touch the hem of his garment, which she released on a 7 inch vinyl) were just as haunting and catchy as her full length album. To the delight of the ex-vice president of the King’s University College Ucayali association, she finished with a solo on the ukulele.

I can’t say that the thought of driving to Montreal to see her again tonight didn’t cross my mind. Hope to see her back soon.

The Strike Continues…

January 9, 2009

Bus drivers just rejected the city’s offer. The margin: 64.4%.
CP reports 2,300 bus drivers have been on strike since Dec. 10, 2008.