Basia Bulat at the Blacksheep Inn

January 24, 2009

basiaIn her much anticipated return to the Black Sheep Inn last night, Basia Bulat lived up to my somewhat over-inflated expectations for the show and overshadowed my unending love of her first music video.

Bulat’s unique vocal is perfectly accompanied by a precise (and talented) violist, a creative piano/ accordion section and the guarded (yet fun) percussion of her brother. The newer songs she played (including touch the hem of his garment, which she released on a 7 inch vinyl) were just as haunting and catchy as her full length album. To the delight of the ex-vice president of the King’s University College Ucayali association, she finished with a solo on the ukulele.

I can’t say that the thought of driving to Montreal to see her again tonight didn’t cross my mind. Hope to see her back soon.


2 Responses to “Basia Bulat at the Blacksheep Inn”

  1. Ming Wu Says:

    I was at that show too!
    Absolutely amazing

  2. […] Vollebekk playing at the Blacksheep Inn. Opening up for Basia […]

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