This Year’s Must-Have Accessory: The Deficit

January 23, 2009

Preparing for the Budget

My current budget priority is to save for a pony. Ottawa Center MP Paul Dewar hopes that next week’s federal budget, which will include a 34 million dollar deficit, will involve less horse manure. From 10am to 2pm this Saturday, January 24th, Dewar is organizing a Community Dialogue on Economic Priorities at the Bronson Center (211 Bronson Ave), that will touch on a number of topics, including infrastructure and transit, housing, income security, environment and energy, supporting individuals and families, and ponies…  OK, maybe not ponies, but a girl can dream.


6 Responses to “This Year’s Must-Have Accessory: The Deficit”

  1. With the deficit so high I don’t see the problem with tossing a few million into a new “department of ponies and fanciful unicorns”. We could nominate the wizard Schmendric as Secretary.

  2. althia Says:

    i love this picture!

  3. François Says:

    to cloackandbadger,

    this is the Canadian deficit she speaks of…not the trillion dollar+ deficit that the US has racked up in the last few years. However, the fact of the matter is that the current Conservative government did not want to present a budget with a deficit but political and public pressure has made them revise their initial plans.

    this new budget should come with a number of measures deemed to stimulate our economy, but who will they benefit? i look forward to finding out.

    i do however hope that Harper makes room for the “department of ponies and fanciful unicorns”…he may even let Jim Flaherty ride the unicorn into the House of Commons on the big day!

  4. Myriam Says:

    Nice pic! Who’s drawings?

  5. saxby Says:

    Given our current situation, it seems that Ottawa’s number one priority will be transit. Hoping to see community housing end up on the list.

  6. Katie Says:

    Ponies can be used as Transit!!! I’ll go tell the new minister for ponies and fanciful unicorns.

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