Survival of the warmest

January 20, 2009

So it was cold last week – damn cold. -37 windchills ain’t going to make any trip outside pleasant, especially if you’re still part of the walking masses who are bitterly cursing the continued lack of transit.

The question then becomes: where to get the gear that will protect you from the elements?

Get bundled up, find a comfy snowbank, and have yourself a tasty snowy treat!

Get bundled up, find a comfy snowbank, and have yourself a tasty snowy treat!

1. MEC – yes, it’s quickly becoming standard-issue Canadian clothing. But they’ve got good quality, reasonably priced winter wear that will last you for the next few bitter winters to come. Plus, you’ll match at least half of the people in Ottawa!

2. Bushtukah – a little more upscale, Bushtukah has a good range of brands – but don’t be afraid to ask one of the knowledgeable staff for help. You might need it to understand the outdoorsy lingo that permeates the conversations in this store.

3. Tommy and Lefebvre – with six stores across Ottawa, this chain will have what you need (or one of the other locations will). They can also have pretty good sales – keep an eye out for these so you can stock up on the essentials!

4. Mark’s Work Wearhouse – sure, we’re not all lumberjacks. But we all still could use a trip to Mark’s for a good pair of wool socks and half-mitten/half-gloves. Plus, they’ve got boots that will keep your feet nice and toasty.

5. The Expedition Shoppe – with a good selection of travel gear (heading down to somewhere warm? get your travel backpack here!), they’ve also got a fair showing of parkas, boots and other warm wear.

Remember: layer up! This is the only time of year when wearing longjohns can be considered fashionable (and even then, it may be a stretch for some), so take advantage of it!


One Response to “Survival of the warmest”

  1. Katie Says:

    Your sister was cute!!! What happens to those little sisters over time? They get so less cute once they learn to talk!

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