Winter Concert Preview

January 10, 2009

Basia Bulat plays the Blacksheep Inn on Jan 23

Festival season in Ottawa might be over, but this winter is still bringing some great acts to the Ottawa region. Here’s my shortlist for the upcoming couple months (my apologies in advance for the bias towards the Blacksheep Inn here…)

One of new favourite artists and a recent Nominee for the Polaris Prize, Basia Bulat is playing at the University of Ottawa on January 22 and at the Blacksheep Inn on January 23. The show is a deal at only $10 and well worth the drive into Quebec. Bulat’s songs are not only catchy, creative and contemplative; she also produces hilarious videos that include dancing skeletons and odd carnival like characters. Watch this video once and you’ll buy a ticket for sure.

Geoff Berner, the self described whiskey rabbi, is also playing Blacksheep Inn on February 13. Berner’s music is lyrical and hilarious – augmented by his accordion playing and best paired with rabid consumption of Jack Daniels. It’ll be a good time. He might even play his theme song for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics!

If you don’t have plans for this Valentine ’s Day, Jenn Grant is coming back to the Blacksheep Inn on February 14 to launch her promising new CD. Her last show with Danny Michel was a great time and for this occasion she’s brought along her full band to back her up. At $10 it’s way cheaper than chocolate or over-priced roses.

Ottawa local Kathleen Edwards plays the Bronson Centre on February 17 for a show that is sure to sell out. I first saw Kathleen Edwards open for Blue Rodeo at the Scotiabank place and I’m sure that the more intimate theatre at the Bronson Centre will be a better setting. The best thing about Kathleen Edwards is that pretty much anyone can enjoy it, so if you are still looking for a belated Christmas gift this might be a good bet.

Jill Barber released a new album this year titled “Chances” where she explores a bluesy, sultry sound that works great with her unique voice. The show at the Blacksheep Inn on February 19 is sure to be something different and Barber’s stage presence made me fall in love with her when I first saw her play the Grad Club in Kingston. She’s sweet, entertaining and talented and sure to be worth making one final trip to Wakefield this winter.

Everyone’s favourite band from Winnipeg, the Weakerthans, will be in Ottawa on March 28 to play the Bronson Centre. You probably know all the words to their songs – might as well take in the show. The are touring with the energetic Constantines, which should make for a great night.

Ticket information is generally available on Ticketweb.


5 Responses to “Winter Concert Preview”

  1. Katie Says:

    Nice! I liked this article a lot.

    The Weakerthan’s are playing the day before my birthday… maybe I will work them into my celebrations!


  2. François Says:

    If you don’t have a way to get to Wakefield for the show you’ve been dying to see, have no fear Facebook is here!

    Here’s the link for the Blacksheep Inn car-pool group:

  3. […] In her much anticipated return to the Black Sheep Inn last night, Basia Bulat lived up to my somewhat over-inflated expectations for the show. […]

  4. Ming Wu Says:

    For the Geoff Berner show, mostly I want to see Forest City Lovers more.
    I want to see Jenn Grant too

  5. […] her much anticipated return to the Black Sheep Inn last night, Basia Bulat lived up to my somewhat over-inflated expectations for the show and overshadowed my unending love of her first music […]

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