The Best Two-Egger in Town

December 14, 2008

It’s the little black dress of breakfast: two eggs, toasts, potatoes. This cheep and easy standby is a favourite of students trying to forget last night and seniors trying to remember the last ten minutes. For those of you left jaded by decadence weekend brunches, try getting back to basics at these downtown(ish) hangouts.

  1. Mayflower – 247 Elgin Street – $3.35
    What the two egg breakfast is all about – the only way to get more bang for the buck is to lay the eggs yourself. Be sure to get a table in the back where the atmosphere is more English pub, less greasy spoon. Hippies beware: The Mayflower is a known conservative hangout.
  2. Bramasole – 428 Bank Street – $5.95
    Time warp back to the 1950s… or at rather to the 2008 hipster version of it. Although its not the best deal in city, the food is good and plentiful and the decor is the cat’s meow.
  3. Ada’s – 510 Bank Street $4.50
    Maybe its the sizzle from the kitchen, or the colourful checkered table clothes, or the waitress in her blue jeans and a T-shirt, but Ada’s is where you go to feel like an Ottawa insider. The meal is cheep and satisfying but, coffee refills are $0.50 a pop! Gasp!
  4. Wild Oat – 819 Bank Street $6.50
    The two-egger with a hippie twist: you pay a little extra for the virtue of Fair Trade Coffee and organic eggs. Go for the Spelt bread and the homemade jam. Conservatives beware: dreadlocked vegan types love spelt bread.

Any other favourites? Add a comment and let me know.


5 Responses to “The Best Two-Egger in Town”

  1. apartment613 Says:

    This is exciting! What about Elgin St. Diner?? Too bad I’m not such an egg lover…i’m more of a meat man myself.

  2. saxby Says:

    My vote would certainly go for the Mayflower. The Wild Oat would come second, but I’m more a fan of their lunch.

  3. saxby Says:

    Changed my mind… you forgot the Atomic Rooster on Bank Street. Great breakfast and not as crowded as some others on this list.

  4. apartment613 Says:

    Benny’s Bistro should definitely be on this list. When you want to live it up and spend 15 bucks on breakfast…

    And is there a reason why the manx was left out?

    i don’t eat eggs so i don’t really have much to contribute on this one…

  5. althia Says:

    I think we need an update for the meat eaters.

    katie and i are going to do one on pizza. yum. the perfect thing to eat in your pjs.

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